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Vilma Lara, Owner

Vilma Lara is the proud owner of Renegade Classics of the Woodlands. Ms. Lara strives to provide excellent customer service through dedication and passion. There are no boundaries when it comes to her guests. She believes in making a personal connection with each and every customer to exceed expectations and provide the necessary help to find exactly what you’re looking for.
Prior to owning Renegade Classics, Vilma was an employee, where her passion and love for motorcycles grew. For years, she has made Renegade Classics of the Woodlands a comfortable environment to shop at. With the help of her family, she decided to take over The Woodlands location and continue to follow her dreams, and to make it a family driven business.
Being an owner of Renegade Classics is a great opportunity in which she hopes to gain more knowledge in not just her work, but in the community as well. Customer service is our #1 goal. We want to make each and every visit to our store a positive one. Our commitment to our customers has remained the same from the first day we opened; to provide our customers with the largest selection of motorcycle apparel and accessories at incredible prices, while providing superior customer service. Ride down, come on in, and say hello!

Brandon Lucius, Manager

“Highly Professional”, “Driven”, “Diligent”, and “Talented” are just a few testaments that are used to describe the 22-Year Old Certified Digital Specialist, Brandon Lucius. Born and raised in Houston, Texas, the award-winning media designer has been commissioned by an array of companies and organizations; ranging from nonprofits, to public speakers, to education institutions, to music companies, and more to bring forth their vision of their product and/or services.
Brandon Lucius is the owner of Brandon Lucius Designs, a modern and creative digital agency that specializes in Advertising & Marketing, Business & E-Commerce Solutions, Graphic Design, Nonprofit Grants, and Web Design & Development. The agency is currently partnered with Bigcommerce, Bing, Constant Contact, Google, Let’s Put Our Cities on the Map (GYBO), and PayPal.
Brandon was introduced to Renegade Classics of the Woodlands by the owner herself, Vilma Lara. When it came time to creating the digital identity of Renegade Classics, Brandon was immediately considered to take the reins regarding advertising, media direction/operations and design, to lead the company to greatness.

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